Thursday, January 19, 2012


So here we are 5 days in. According to I am allowed 2700 calories a day, but  I am finding it tough to eat that many calories. My weight dropped to 297 and today it's back up to 298.5. My days usually consist of a hard boiled egg and a cup of coffee for breakfast, a fiber one type bar for a 10 o'clock snack, a modest 300 - 400 calorie lunch, snack again at 3, dinner (again in moderation) and a low cal snack before bed. OHHH IT ALSO CONSISTS OF WATER, THEN SOME WATER, TOPPED OFF WITH MORE WATER. It's weird, I am eating more (almost forcing myself to eat) but I am sure I am taking in fewer calories than I used to. Started back at the gym last night an hour on the tread mill burned off a little over 600 calories, it was also the first time in my life that I walked into the gym with a plan, and executed the plan start to finish with no short cuts, and with out me saying 55 minutes on the tread mill is close enough to an hour. I am however feeling a little discouraged at the weight loss, I always heard and believed that the first week or so the weight loss would come off faster. But I have to keep remembering that 300 didn't happen over night or even in a week, so it won't go away that fast. In an effort to raise my caloric intake I stopped this morning and got a subway breakfast. Honestly, I could see it taking the place of McDonald's breakfast, not that I went to McDonald's a lot, but now I will go to subway instead. Thank you for the encouragment so far, please remember that all advice, encouragment, and critisim is welcome.

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